VIP liquids tobacco

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Eternal summer

POLAR ICE MINT - Cool, so cool... natural Ice Mint that will make you feel refreshed as never before! *We do not use any coolada, coolants, sweeteners, colorants or other additives to our e-liquids. The amazing flavor is thanks to careful selection of natural high quality aromas!

FRAISE, MELON & BASILIC - this amazing mix will make your taste buds go insane! Superb mix of Melon and Strawberry, topped with notes of French Basilic!

VIP liquids tobacco


BRUN - Classic dark tobacco flavour, with notes of dried tobacco leaves.

CIGARILLO - Mild flavour of Havana cigarillo, for cigar and cigarillo lover.

GAULOIS - Soft, but also very distinctive French tobacco flavour.

LIGHT - Classic light tobacco flavour with soft taste and distinctive notes of dried tobacco leaves.

MAX BLEND - Different mixed tobacco type flavour, with very rich taste.

VIP liquids tobacco


LEMON TART - Smooth and delightful lemon cake with meringue topping... so tasty and delicious!

CALIFORNIA BREEZE - Light California tobacco flavor with notes of fresh mint, for gourmet tobacco and mint lovers!

CITRONICE - Refreshing assortment of lemon, orange, blackberry and raspberry, with fresh mint notes.

COOL RED - Juicy collection of red fruits, topped with refreshing mint notes.

COLADA DREAM - Sweet and tasty pina colada flavour, with authentic notes of coconut milk and pineapple.

STRETCHY BERRY - Tasty mix of strawberry, raspberry, with sweet notes of candy and fruity chewing gum.

RIVIERA SUNSET - Sour and sweet mix of grape and blackcurrant, with notes of fresh mint.

POMME CANNELLE - Cooked sweet apple flavor, mixed with superior notes od cinnamon.

BLACK & WHITE - For coffee lovers, amazing cappuccino flavor with distinctive notes of coffee and extra topping of cream.

CHOCODELICE - Sweet and gentle chocolate pudding flavor, for all chocolate lovers.

ICE PARADISE - Tempting and sweet vanilla ice cream flavour. for those hot summer days.

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