Company background and history

More than 20 years of experience in production of plant extracts and natural flavors, and global sales and logistics experience have allowed our company to accumulate an unique expertise to always find the best products and solutions to our customers Worldwide.

Seeing the amazing potential of e-cigarette industry and our ability to offer high quality products in this field, a decision was made in 2017 to start production of e-liquids and other vaping products.

Our ambition to bring only the highest quality e-liquids and innovative DIY products have been appreciated by customers in 11 countries and the list is expanding. Our target is to become one of World's most well know and popular e-liquid brands.

Our modern production facility in south of France and distribution centers in France and Lithuania is a guarantee for high volume production capability and on time worldwide delivery solutions.

Company values






Our business ethics consist of compromised quality, constant strive for innovation, loyal partnership, outstanding customer service and personalized solutions for every partner.

We believe, that good long term partnership can be achieved only with perfect understanding between people and companies. That's why we always try to give our customers the best solutions, products and customer service to be an outstanding supply partner.

Help us help you grow your business!

Our outstanding products paired with our extensive marketing and merchandising support is a perfect way how to quickly grow your business in vape industry. Posters, stickers, t-shirts, online banners, leaflets, flaiers, merchandising stands, vape mats, drip tips, vape bands... you name... we got it to help you expand your business with our products!

And if that is not enough - our team consists of experienced professionals from different fields, that will make sure that all your orders are being processed quickly, all the shipments are delivered in time and in perfect condition and you get great marketing support and customer service at all times, when you need it.

We do things different!

Our products have 75% average buy-again rate, which means more loyal customers to come back after our goods in your shop.

We offer 48 hour delivery in France and Switzerland. Quick and reliable delivery solutions are available also to other countries.

We know how bad for business can be a situation, when shops run our of e-liquids to sell and there is delay in delivery. Most of our goods are constantly in stock, ready to be dispatched at the soonest after receiving an order.

We do not work with distribution companies, but instead distribute our goods by our own distribution channel. This way you get better prices and more person approach to your needs and we know that our goods will be delivered in time, there will be no shortages of stock for you and you will always know about our newest products.

We understand how painful could be a situation, where your shop's customers start buying our products online in our internet shop. To avoid this we do not own and sell our products in an internet shop.

Territorial exclusivity is available based on each customer's needs and preferences. Starting from district to whole city, we can arrange that our goods will be only in your shop (-s) to give you an advantage against your competitors.

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